Over 10 years of experience having as main business goal the supplying of aviation spares and services at the highest quality possible, qualifies us as a professional partner for your fleet needs. With three departments of experts with rich experience in parts and component supply, repair and overhaul management and NDT inspections we are able to provide you services any time, any way fast and professional.

Our services comply with FAA, EASA and manufacturers regulations and applicable standards (SR-EN-ISO 9001, ASTM E 1444, ASTM 215, ASTM 1316, ASTM E 164, ASTM E 587, ASTM E 1417, ASTM E 1219, EN 4179, QPL-AMS 3046, QPL-AMS-2644, NAS 410, RACR-NDT).

Parts & Component Supply

Over 10 years of experience having as main business goal the supplying of aviation spares at the highest quality possible, qualifies us as possible partner for your fleet needs.
The chain starts from strict management of client request and continues with a good expertise for preparing the search and eventually the solution we deliver, in the first place, to our client. Orders that follows our free provided solution are managed at the same level of implication for our personnel and we consider our job done when we have the Proof of Delivery to the destination we have been instructed to ship to. In order to have this accurately reviewed we developed in-house management software that links all commercial and quality matters.
Today we have parts in stock ready to be installed on your aircraft and this gives us to opportunity to be faster that any other aviation parts distributor. We are upgrading the stock by investing in spares and putting it under repair. So, what we do not have in stock, we have it under repair and what we do not have either under repair or in stock we are able to get it for you fast and professional.
Do not trust us, try us!

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Overhaul & Repair Management

For the clients (mostly operators) that want to externalize or do not have such department, we – following an obvious development of the business – offer our services for managing the re-servicing job of the components. We only need to get the component and we will give it back in ready to service condition. Our action starts, depending on the real situation, getting the part (we could come to our client site), ship it to the appropriate service center, managing the correspondence and the applicable discussion, getting back the component and deliver it back to the destination. All this time the client is fully informed about the developments and he knows all the costs involved, so he would be able even to budget the repair cost with no surprises.
Why we can do that ? Because we have good connection, good terms and good profile against a lot of major repair centers. We have the same regarding the shipping and therefore we can put all together in our client’s benefit.

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Non Destructive Testing

Considered as normal way for development Sun Aviation has been initially authorized in 2012 by the Romanian CAA as a NDT Lab with capabilities to perform tests (Visual – Boroscope, Magnetic, Ultrasound, Eddy Current or Penetrant Flows) releasing the Test Report at the end. Where applicable, the reports are accompanied by annexes with pictures or movies of the findings.
Now, the client’s list contains major local operators with renewed contacts and regular jobs. There are clients on order or clients with few jobs, any of them treated the same way.
Our Lab is fully operational for the methods we have authorization for on the client site. Therefore, we performed and are capable to perform jobs out of our site or country.
The Lab activity is monitorized and managed trough our Q-Manager software, which put together the quality and commercial side.

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Aviation Engineering Solutions

Sun Aviation and partner organization SB Aero employs a small but dedicated team of aviation engineers experts in commercial and military air transport, security and related markets who come together to perform specialized engineering projects. Our performance is transparent, built around project access portal QLEVEL TM.
Our customers are 1 st tier aviation engineering, production and maintenance organizations unfolding complex design change projects or Supplementary Type Certificates (STC).

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