Part 145 – borescope inspections

Sun Aviation Support is EASA Part 145 approved (RO.145.044) since 2017, for borescope inspections at CFM International  CFM 56-3/-5/-7 series. Release of EASA Form 1 concludes a process certifying the engine’s continued serviceability.

Our team proudly counts EN4179 Level 3 qualified inspectors, individually examined and authorised by the Romanian CAA (a member of EASA).

Optional service of equipment tracking is also available for Part 145 works, via release of DVD recording of complete inspection areas, and detailed written reports with digital images of indications, defects or damage found.


Sun Aviation Support is certified by the international aviation norm EN/AS9100 (includes EN ISO 9001), for distribution and trading of new and repaired aeronautical equipment. The international certification is endorsed by the Romanian CAA according to national regulation RACR-DPA a norm driven by British CAR Part C1.

LTS 29 – non destructive testing

Sun Aviation proudly offers a rich experience in EN4179 testing with initial approval in 2012 by the Romanian CAA (an EASA member) as non-destructive testing and inspection supplier according to RACR-B4, RACR-LTS (EN4179 reference), with capabilities for Visual – Borescope, Ultrasound, Eddy Current, Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant.

Approved test reports are released to customers and tracking of equipment behaviour is also available enabling air operators to optimize material utilization and cost. Behaviour tracking includes publication of NDT report annexes for the benefit of our clients with pictures and video of the findings. –