Governing commercial endeavors of Sun Aviation Suport SRL


Supplier ~ Sun Aviation Suport SRL
Customer ~ Contracting Party, client of materials and services supplied by Sun Aviation Suport SRL
Product ~ per ISO9001, could be products, components, materials, services etc


Scope of this document is to state for mutual agreement the general contractual conditions applicable to commercial endeavors involving both Customer and Supplier in the terms of products quality / condition. This QGTC document is a public statement of business governance by Supplier, is published on the company website, and always sent for review and acceptance to the Customer with or prior to the business offer or quotation. Acceptance of the business offer, contract or quotation placed by Supplier, automatically implies acceptance of these general business terms set forward by Sun Aviation Suport in identical form to all their client partners.

Inspection and Quality

Supplier is an international aviation organization approved by an EASA member aviation authority for distribution of aviation parts and products, and specialized testing services. Approval references are available on company website.
It is understood that, therefore all proceedings by Supplier are subordinated to strict quality procedures as stated in the Quality Manual of the organization per applicable aviation standards. All products supplied by Supplier are inspected upon receipt prior to delivery to end Customer. Then on, upon storage in company premises, a thorough quality check both physical and documentary is again performed upon packing for shipping, to ensure that the delivered products truly meet Customer requirements and are compliant to respective aviation practices. The multiple inspections performed by specialized staff of Supplier are normally requiring some detachment of the incoming product packaging, to allow for visual/dimensional inspection.
It is therefore accepted by the Customer that the delivered products may be placed in a package that bears no longer the brand new seal by the original manufacturer. In such cases, the delivery condition “NEW” should be understood by original packaging at the receipt in custody by Supplier before shipping to Customer. A Customer shall not place any claim against the Supplier with respect to packages missing the original manufacturer’s seal.
However, a Customer may willingly advise the Supplier not to break the original manufacturer’s seal. Such a requirement must be explicit in writing by the Customer, with visible acknowledgement confirmation by Supplier. Under such circumstance, the Customer implicitly understands that the Supplier is not able to guarantee the proper condition of the traded parts, as long as incoming and outgoing inspections cannot be performed due to sealed package. Therefore such specific requirement by Customer for un-broken seal may put the Supplier in position to deliver the goods in “AS IS” condition, instead of serviceable condition as long as the quality inspections by Supplier cannot be executed for products in sealed packaging.

Warranties and Claims

Under these general terms and conditions, Supplier offers warranties that the traded products are in the condition specified in the quality documents released by Supplier. Such delivery condition could be airworthy (serviceable) or non-airworthy (un-serviceable). It is therefore in the direct responsibility of Customer to evaluate the exact condition of the products prior to installation in aircraft, or similar flying machines. Supplier disclaims all legal responsibilities in circumstances where Customer cannot provide evidence of proper discharge of their responsibilities in the evaluation of serviceability of products prior to installation and operation, or the evaluation of eligibility for installation products on specific aircraft types.
All claims should be received in writing. An initial feedback is normally given by Supplier in 48 hrs. from receipt of claim, that could be final or point to subsequent detailed analysis and diagnosis.